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Weither you're a mermaid/man or want to have something cute for the beach, A Sea Fairing Charm is a wondering way to show off your ocean love.


Made with a real calico scallop shell. A Sea Fairing Charm has three strands of pink- blue seed beads, dark blue glass water drops, ab glass water drops, moonstone chip beads, and dimpled silver charms. It comes together with an aligator clip to fasten to your hair.

A Sea Fairing Charm

GST/HST Included |
  • Thank you for your interest/purchase of this product. My Lady, Me will gladly fix A Sea Fairing Charm hairclip free of charge twice before charging for returns to fix it. If you are unsatisfied with what you purchased you may exchange it for another item of similar or less value, or recieve a full refund. 

    Care Instructions:

    A Sea Fairing Charm works best if your hair is pulled up and can clip onto the tied up strands. It does Not support hair on its own. When not in use place in a jewelry box, do not hang by the beaded strands.

    Should this piece break there are replacements for everything except for the Calico shell.

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