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Refreshing on the outside and breath taking on the inside! Changing of the Tides Locket is a beautiful piece that uses many jewelry mediums to create a unique necklace. The use of the pastel color pallet and combination of metal and more organic materials create a wonderful balance of opposites. This 'balance" stems from the hidden surprise within the locket. Inside with locket there are two opposing scenes. One side depickes a summer sunset in the park and the other side reveals the winter sunset of the same park. To compliment the nature theme there are real flowers encased in resin on top of the locket, as well as in the band of the necklace. 

Materials used: glass seed beads, yellow faceted glass beads, teal acrylic beads, real dried flowers, hypo-friendly chain, silver toggle clasp, acrylic paint, uv resin, and nylon thread.

Changing of the Tides Locket

GST/HST Included |
  • Please handle with care, the chain is strong but the centerpiece and the flowers on top are fragile. Please keep from dropping, or letting the top hit surfaces as this may shatter the dried flowers or crack the shells. Everything is replaceable, however i the shells cannot be repaired, it may take longer to make a new locket.

    Should the centerpiece need replacment My Lady, Me with fix once, afterwards any other repairs will be charged a fee.

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