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Surprisingly light weight and as colorful as a sunset, these earring are a fun addition to all jewelry collections.


Doubled Elegence are made from light weight wire hand spun into chainmail links that create a simple and sweet motif.  Opeque white crystals, warm honey colored crystals, pink saucer crystal pendents, and clear Swarovski crystal butterfly add a sparkly accent that capture the glow of summer.

Doubled Elegance

GST/HST Included |
  • Thank you for your interest/purchase of this product. My Lady, Me will gladly fix the Doubled Elegence earrings free of charge twice before charging for returns to fix it. If you are unsatisfied with what you purchased you may exchange it for another item of similar or less value, or recieve a full refund. 

    Care instructions:

    When in use please be careful not to get your hair tangled in the links. The links may get caught on other things, because of the link sizes.  When not in use please hang up on an earring display. 

    Should these earrings break there are replacements for all parts except for the pink crystal saucer pendents.

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