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Need a little something to stand out with or perhaps you're a fan of chameleons too?  Then Jungle Drapery is what you will fall in love with.


This hairpiece was made with leftover crystals, beads, and chains all sweetly sewn and drapped to create a unique shape. At its center is a bejeweled chameleon that was once a cocktail ring. Lastly, the most unique part of this piece is that it is really 3-in-1 hairclips. As two chains on either sides of the center clip connect to two small clips that have matching beads to those on the main clip.

Jungle Drapery

GST/HST Included |
  • Thank you for your interest/purchase of this product. My Lady, Me will gladly fix the Jungle Drapery hair piece free of charge twice before charging for returns to fix it. If you are unsatisfied with what you purchased you may exchange it for another item of similar or less value, or recieve a full refund. 

    Care Intructions:

    When applying this piece it is best to get the main piece in place first before clipping the two smaller clips into place. Be careful not to tangle the chains too much or get them snagged. When not in use Please place some where safe so that it will not get tangled up in other jewelry pieces (preferably hanging up by the Big clip Not the Chain, so as to keep the chain drapping from tangling or braking).

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