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Ocean Ray Locket is a wonderful necklace to wear out to the beach, or on a date. Alone this piece is already beautiful and elegant, but this necklace has a secret! The hand painted centerpiece is actually a locket with a little sparkly friend inside! A perfect gift for someone that love ocean creatures! The mix of crystals, shell pieces and ribbons within the bands creates a delicate wavey- beach feeling. The necklace is completed with a silver toggle clasp, hypoallergic friendly. 

Materials used: Nylon thread, periwinkle rondell crystals, blue drilled shell pieces, gold acrylic pearls, white acrylic pearls, clear ab bugle beads, periwinkle seed beads, light blue translucent ribbon, cream translucent ribbon, acrylic paint, sea shells, polymer clay, nail poilsh, glass glitter, and uv resin.

Ocean Ray Locket

GST/HST Included |
  • Treat with care, this piece may tangle easy due to the loose ribbons around the band. All pieces are replaceable, except the creature inside the locket. Should the locket become damaged My Lady, Me will repair once for free, after that fixing fees will be applied. 

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