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This classic and elegant necklace is inspired by the victorian era and is the missing puzzle piece you are looking for to complete your wedding ensemble or perhaps a cosplay.


The band of this piece is a wide ribbon that has been hand embroidered with simple pearl, AB seed bead, and pale lavender rondell crystals. Then there is a second layer of white ribbon ruffle with a pale lavender ribbon binding all three layers together. At the center sit three handmade ribbon lilies with blue and purple glass crystal centers. Lastly, the centerpiece is a handmade resin pendent with real Violets, Persian Speedwell, and Grape Hyacinths. The pendent is wrapped in pale lavender rondells and pearls. And the necklace is complete with a dubble ribbon tie.

Pale Lavender Lily

GST/HST Included |
  • This necklace should be kept nicely folded with the ribbon ties untied when not in use. Please keep this in a nice clean place away from dampness or bugs. Should the necklace need repair My Lady, Me has all replacement parts. You can choose to have the repair parts sent to you or you can send the necklace back to My Lady, Me for repair.

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