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This set is a wonderful addition to an autum/ winter faerie's outfit, or perhaps a renaissance ruler's wordrobe. 


The Holly headdress has a combination of holly leaves, holly berries, mini pinecones, small red flowers, gold beads, raspberry ribbon, green sparkle ribbon, handmade ribbon flower, and large red flowers. 


The Holly earrings are hand wire- woven beaded earrings. With green and white seed beads and red round crackle beads.


The red ring is a A Grand Shimmer ring. Made to mimic the classic engagement ring with crystals and beads. red crystal bicones, and bronze colored seed beads and bugel beads create a dramatic pop of color perfect for this set.

The Holly Queen

GST/HST Included |
  • Thank you for your interest/purchase of this product. My Lady, Me will gladly fix the Holly Queen set free of charge twice before charging for returns to fix it. If you are unsatisfied with what you purchased you may exchange it for another item of similar or less value, or recieve a full refund. 

    Care instructions:

    This set comes with a foam head for displaying the headdress when not in use. please do not hanging the headdress by the frame, as it may misshapen the headdress. Please place earring on a earring stand and the ring on a ring holder. 

    When in use please be careful of the Holly earrings, they can get tangled in hair and loose clothing. Also please be careful of the ring as it can also be snagged on loose clothing.

    Should the pieces break there are replacements for everything.

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