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This beautiful victorian inspired necklace is perfect for making a statement at many special events such as parties, outings, and cosplay events.


The ribbon pleating on the sides are hand stitched with thin gold chains to connect the gold, and red crystals and gold stars. It all ties in with the beautiful red and gold pendent, accented with red roses, and an adjustable ribbon tie.

The Passionate Stargazer

GST/HST Included |
  • This lovely necklace should be kept nicely folded and the ribbons untied, when not in use. Please do not use the ribbon ties to hang the necklace up when not wearing it, this will cause the ribbons to wearout or the necklace to misshapen. If the necklace should become damaged there are replacement parts for the whole necklace except for the pendent. You can choose to have the replacement piece sent to you or you can send the necklace back to My Lady, Me to be fixed. 

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