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If you do not have pierced ears My Lady, Me can change these pieces into clips. 

These beautiful earrings are full of color and are a perfect addition to brighten any outfit. Or add some extra sparkle on a special day. 


Titim  Druchta translates to Dew Drop in Gaelic. This name was inspired by the dew drop shape and color pallete of the earrings.


The main motif of these pieces are hand woven with clear AB seed beads and oval crackle beads that encase a large vintage crystal. The chain drips feature purple and pink pointed pendent crystals, clear drop crystals, and Rolo chain links.

Titim Druchta

GST/HST Included |
  • Thank you for your interest/purchase of this product. My Lady, Me will gladly fix the Titim Druchta earrings free of charge twice before charging for returns to fix it. If you are unsatisfied with what you purchased you may exchange it for another item of similar or less value, or recieve a full refund. 

    Care Intsructions:

    When in use please be careful to not get the chains tangled in your hair. When not in use please hang on earring stands or somewhere they will not get tangled up in other jewelry. 

    Should these brake there are replacements for everything except for the large vintage crystals.

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