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Wrapped In Gold and covered in cute! This cute octopus necklace is a fun piece to wear everyday or with a sea themed outfit. This necklace focuses the center of attention on the tiny little treasure seeking octopus that is wrapped around the end of a broken sea shell spine. Painted with a soft gold and accented with pink stripes, the octopus almost looks alive! The gemstone that is captured by the tiny tendrills is a Citrine gemstone. A light pink wire wrapping connects the statement piece to a gold chain with glass pearls, more pink wire wrapping, and a tiny shell. 

Wrapped In Pink and Gold

GST/HST Included |
  • Handle with care, this necklce is strong but the shell/ octopus may break if dropped too much or caught by something. Everything is replaceable except for the Citrine gemstone and the shell. Should either need replacing it may take long to fix as those pieces are harder to come by. 

    Should the necklace need fixing My Lady, Me will fix for free twice before charging a fixing fee.

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